b'78 |WENTCHER FOUNDATIONabout a year, in 2020 Robert was asked to become a board member, a role he thoroughly enjoys. Robert enjoys getting to know students and helping to implement new changes that help students excel in college. Most of all, he enjoys helping students with financial need pursue their dreams. Roberts advice to students is to be involved on campus in order to gain perspective outside of academics. Not only does it look good, but you also get to learn a lot about life and yourself, he observes. You can make strong connections that can last a lifetime! He advises students to be their best selves by continuously challenging themselves and not allowing other peoples opinions to impact their decisions. When Robert is not auditing or attending to his board member duties, he is running, spending quality time with his loved ones, listening to music, admiring the solar system, and grilling, even in the wintertime. Jeanine Botwe Whitney Young Magnet High School, 2011 Emory University, B.A., Human Health, 2015 Fordham University School of Law, J.D. 2020 Associate Counsel, NBC Universal Leaving the South Side of Chicago and starting a new life at Emory University would never have been possible without the Wentcher Scholarship. The Wentcher Foundation represents not only philanthropy but also integrity. It kept its word, which allowed me to pay my tuition on time. It was also the first step in achieving a law degree, said Jeanine. She has not forgotten the investment the foundation made in her. As a result, Jeanine intends to be a woman of her word, continuing to give back through mentoring aspiring law school students.'