b'66 |WENTCHER FOUNDATIONSAP counselors to answer questions or assist with useful appropriate resources.Online, with information, resources, and tools for a vast number of issues ranging from parenting and child care to health and wellness (stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and personal relationships) career development, workplace training and more. Or Live Chat connected with a counselor anytime for the aforementioned issues.Career PreparationAlthough Wentcher Scholars have graduated at the high rate of 93%, and, on average, have very high grade point averages, many do not have the career guidance, coaching or mentoring to compete for jobs for which they are academically qualified. Recognizing this, a third phase of support evolved include various forms of career coaching, counseling and access to internships.The foundation is working on expanding the reputation of Wentcher Scholars to enhance their access to career opportunities. The foundation continues to enhance communications with Wentcher Scholar alumni and to develop the Wentcher community. In coming years it hopes to connect scholars with alumni through mentoring relationships and expanding career opportunities with internships and jobs.The goal line has moved again and is redefined as to and through college and into ones chosen career or postgraduate education. As a result, today the Wentcher Foundation mission statement is To provide college scholarships and academic, personal and career support to Chicago area high school seniors who are selected based on their character, academic merit and financial need.ThefoundationremainsdedicatedtosustainingErniesvisionandhonoringhislegacyin perpetuity. To maintain our commitment to his vision and dramatically expand the number of Wentcher Scholars and the programming that supports them, the foundation also balanced Ernies frugality with the need to increase the staff and expand its board of directors to support the growing organization. The two newest members of the board are Laura Farr (Wentcher Scholar 06) and Robert Slay (Wentcher Scholar 13). The foundation initially grew incrementally in its early years. Ernie would provide enough'