22 HAVE YOU MET THE Jobsite PS800? Rather than relying on outside sources, Panel Pros produces its own studs using the Jobsite PS800 Steel Stud & Track Roll Former housed at our 30,000-square-foot panel shop. We buy raw material at the needed width, form it, cut it to size and punch the holes in the specified locations. It’s all about control, from the costs to the schedule to not worrying about weather conditions. The Jobsite PS800 steel stud machine roll forms steel stud and track members for use in wall, floor and truss framing. The standard machine produces stud and track members from 3 ⁵/8" (92.1mm) to 8" (203.2mm) widths and 26 gauge to 14 gauge steel. Producing at 75 feet per minute, this is the fastest machine on the market.