17 Construction Pros has made a significant investment in their insurance coverage in order to extend its reach to New York City. “Logistics, tight working spaces, narrow streets. NewYork has its unique challenges,” says Al Best, Managing Partner, Construction Pros. “But we have secured great insurance coverage and are actively expanding into Manhattan and the outer boroughs.” First up? The Pitkin Berriman complex, a seven-story mixed-use devel- opment located at 2501 Pitkin Avenue. Cypress Hills Local Development Corp. sought out Construction Pros for their expertise as Certified Installers of Nichia fiber-cement exterior cladding and siding.The Japanese product, manufactured in Georgia, is making significant inroads into the commercial space. “It has a nice look and it’s starting to catch on,”says Best. The low-income housing project is slated to be completed by first quarter 2018. THE PITKIN BERRIMAN COMPLEX 2501 Pitkin Avenue Brooklyn, NY Opening: First quarter 2018 7-story mixed-use building ROLE OF CONSTRUCTION PROS •  Nichia fiber-cement exterior cladding and siding “LOGISTICS, TIGHT WORKING SPACES, NARROW STREETS. NEW YORK HAS ITS UNIQUE CHALLENGES.”