11 The post-casino era for “America’s Playground” will depend on diver- sification. While resorts and entertainment will continue to be a draw for visitors, look for Atlantic City to become a more well-rounded place for residents to live and businesses to flourish. Oh, and don’t forget the student population. Stockton College is also gearing up for growth and an influx of students. Low land prices and tax incentives are attracting developers and inves- tors to the shore town. “How can the city continue to do business the old way?” asks Al Best, Managing Partner, Construction Pros. “For decades, Atlantic City only worked as a resort area, rather than as a city as a whole. The future for AC is as a city where you can live, work and play.” Construction Pros is getting in on the ground floor of the city’s reinven- tion with two projects, The Beach at South Inlet and Tennessee Green.