b'AcknowledgmentsThe format of this book, which originated as a daily blog on Facebook, forced me to focusSome folks we met were like angels, saving us from peril. I think of Charles Chip in the and write a post each day in the summer of 2015. Through that four-month process, IBadlands of South Dakota, who most certainly rescued me from heat stroke in 110-degree reached out to many people, asking them to conjure up their own memories and to shareheat, and Dr. Espinoza, in Roundup, Montana, who treated my carpal tunnel. photographs or letters. This included Ben Cope, Pat and Sue Gubbins, David and TinaSometimes an inspiring story and continued friendship was our reward in meeting Hilliard, Melissa Deutsch, Joe and Michelle Patke, Bruce Gruenewald, Finbar Kinsella,folks for the first time. Orland Ferris provided this on a July morning in Onawa, Iowa and Chris Carr, Jack Garvey, Sean Wynne, Bill Grinnell, and Mike Creamer. Thank you forfor years to come. sharing your version of our story.My mother, Barbara Schmitt, kept our letters and postcards and shared these with us A few of these folksin particular, Ben, Pat, Joe, Bruce, David and Tina, Jack andlater. She also helped us with our cache of clothing and supplies. She and my Aunt Zella Chrisserved generously as our hosts along the way. Thank you. gave us a ride to Berea to help us start the Appalachian journey. Thank you, Mom. While I could not reach him for the writing of this book, many thanks to DaveIrene Warren, Emilies sister, kept our postcards, letters and the many maps marked Erdmann, who served as host, outfitter and adventure guide for us in Whitefish,with highlighter showing our route. She generously hosted us in Centreville and at a Montana. I also could not reach Emilies friend Mary Ann Grabavoy who hosted us forbeach house in Bethany Beach. Thank you, Irene. And her husband Don wagered that we two days in Philadelphia. Thank you both.wouldnt cross the country by bike, which was just the challenge we needed. Thank you, There were others who hosted us, whom we had just met along the way, providing usDon. comfort and a place to stay. This includes Steve and Gracie who offered us the bunk inFew if any people know this, but I would call my father, Paul Schmitt, on his toll-free their camper in Riley Creek, Washington; Steve Pozder for a place to camp next to hisnumber from a payphone every few days. He would refer to his nationwide trucking map hen house in Vaughn, Montana; Tina Bolbert who gave us her couch in Geyser; Sarahand offer his own perspective and encouragement and ask about our planned route. I Parker and her family in Shenandoah, Iowa; Father Joel, Father Kenneth, and all themiss him terribly and wish that he was here to read this book. Thank you, Dad. priests, brothers, and oblates of Conception Abbey in Missouri; Clinton Hustead inAnd for all the encouragement, the edits in 2015, the contributions, and inspiration, Marceline, Missouri; the pastor at the Centralia (Illinois) Free Methodist Church for theand for sharing in this adventure, I am most thankful to my girlfriend at the time in 1990 camp spot and breakfast; the fire chief in Princeton, Indiana for a place on their floor, aand my wife since 1991, Emilie. firehouse breakfast, and a slide down the fire pole; Pastor Joe Powles of the BoonevilleThis is our adventure. This is our journey. It can never be taken away. Thank you, Kentucky Presbyterian Church for the dedicated camping spot for cyclists; Pastor JimEmilie.Viers of the Haysi Virginia Church of Christ for a soft sleeping pad in the nursery; Chris and Wendy Negus for a ceremonial last nights supper and a guest room bed in Ringoes, New Jersey.'