b'visit James Madisons family mansion and burial site.Day 75Emilie writes: It was a beautiful ride today. Through the rolling hills, farmhousesAUGUST 11on either side. Small country back roads, winding and overhung with trees, wide open farmland and horse ranches.Today feels like a triumphant homecoming! With just a few miles to go, we are certain By afternoon, we realize that we are not going to make it to Centreville and Irenesthat we are going to make good on our end of the bet. house, so we stop to ask about options for camping along our route. As darknessWe roll out of our tent perched on a hill opposite a farmhouse just off route 622, about descends, we become lost. Unlike our experience riding in the dark on the Blue Ridgetwo miles north of Lignum, Virginia. The sun is barely breaking through the fog as we Parkway, cars or trucks come upon us out of complete blackness on these narrowstart packing up, wiping the wet dew off everythingour tent, bike seats, panniers, and country roads. We need to get off the road soon, but are surrounded by thick woods andeven our sleeping bags. As we shuffle around, the farmhouse dogswhod spent much of vegetation. There is nowhere to stop to camp.the night barkingbegin to go at it again. We feel grateful for the familys hospitality but Emilie writes: We rode until nightfall, trying to get as close as possible to Irenes.choose to drive off with just a friendly wave, out of deference to the canines. Wed gotten some bad advice about a place to camp near a river impossible to reachWe have about 50 miles to reach Irenes house in Centreville and this route is with the bikesthen rode back to a farmhouse wed seen. Dominic approaches the houseextremely confusing. At times we are traveling on route 607 and then at an intersection and doesnt even get to the door before three mad, barking dogs stop him in his tracks.it would become 665 or some other 600 or 700 number, and then a half mile away, One of the dogs, a German shepherd mean as a badger, takes a lunge at Dominic andthere would be a turn to get back on route 607. And if we did find a name for a road, it he sprays him with the Halt. The farmer comes to the door with his wife, children andwould invariably end in the word run, whether Elk Run, Bull Run, or Town Run. We mother or mother-in-law clinging to him. He agrees to let us camp several hundred feetcover the first 25 miles before 10AM and stop at a grocery store to call Irene, who gives away. While we pitch the tent and cook our dinner, the dogs bark and bark. us some landmarks to look for on our way to her house. The farms give way to suburbialittle pockets of northern Virginia subdivisions, BEGIN: Rockfish Gap, VA between undeveloped land. When we reach Centreville, and turn onto Irenes street, we END: Lignum, VAcan see the house is decorated with colorful balloons, a big welcome sign, and neighbors DISTANCE: 86.34 miles and kids gathered at her doorstep. Irene is videotaping our entire arrival. TRIP TOTAL: 3,628.3 miles She and her three sons have been anxiously waiting for us. On the table inside is a plate of homemade brownies and a bottle of champagne on ice. We have arrived!!BEGIN: Lignum, VAEND: Centreville, VADISTANCE: 47.75 milesTRIP TOTAL: 3,676.30 miles64'