b'Day 5966JULY 26AUGUST 2The plan is to stay in Louisville for a week. Before leaving New York nearly two months earlier, we had mailed a box to my parents home containing fresh clothes and toiletries. So it was nice to know we could ride a leisurely 10 miles from my sisters house to my parents and there would be a clean clothes, great food and welcoming arms waiting for us there.We ride downtown and meet Mom at the fountain just outside the Hall of Justice courthouse where she works. Then we ride to the West End of town to my Dads office. He brags about us to all his workmates and then shows us a large U.S. map on the wall behind his desk. The map is used for tracking freight shipments across the country. There are white pushpins marking different locations across the Northwest and the Midwest. Each of these pins represents a point in time where I had called him from a pay phone on his 1-800 WATS line. From Dads office, we ride to the family home in the South End. It feels nice to remove the panniers and pack them away in the garage for what we know to be several days. We spend a week relaxing around the pool, visiting with family, and letting our bodies recover. After nearly 3,000 miles and two months into our trip, home is exactly where we need to be right now.By the seventh day at my parents house, and having visited almost everyone in my extended family, we are ready to get back on the road. As we take a couple test rides, Emilies bike chain fails again, just like it did in St. Louis. Our trip is pushed back at least a day. We have the added challenge of finding a good route out of town. None of the roads going east have shoulders. We decide to play it safe, and have Mom drive us to a campground near Berea, Kentucky where we will spend the night. The next day, we will rejoin the Bikecentennial Route into Eastern Kentucky and Appalachia. BEGIN: East End, Louisville, KYEND: South End, Louisville, KYDISTANCE: 15.13 milesTRIP TOTAL: 2,993.68 miles55'