b'Going coast-to-coastDominicSchmitt,27,ofNewYorkCity,andEmilie Deutsch, 32, also of New York City, stayed overnight inShenandoahthisweekastheypassedthrough thecommunityduringacross-countrybicycleride. Deutsch, a producer for ABC Sports, said they started the coast-to-coast trip May 29 in Seattle, Wash., and had logged about 2,285 miles by the time they reached Shenandoah. From here, they will cycle to St. Louis, Mo., where they will stay with friends for four days. Schmitt, who recently received his masters degree in internationalaffairsfromColumbiaUniversity,and Deutschjokedthattheyhaveanappointmentwith friends at 5:45 p.m., Wednesday, July 18, in a St. Louis bar. From St. Louis, the cyclists plan to head east to Washington, D.C., and then up the East Coast through Philadelphia, Pa., en route to their final destinationthe Big Apple, where they are due Sept. 1. Earlier this year, Deutsch produced all of the feature stories for the recently completed Tour de France bicycle race. The adventurous duo stayed overnight with the Parker family while in Shenandoah (Photo by Peter Weber)41'