b'Day 36JULY 3The road out of the White River KOA is a series of climbs and descents, in and out of river valleys. Surrounded by grasslands, the only sign of life are the circling birds of prey above and the thousands of curious prairie dogs that poke their heads up out of their mounds as we ride by. After about 50 miles, a sign points us down an isolated road to the Cedar Buttes Post Office. We ask where the town is. Its here, says the older man working the counter. I live here and work here. We ask how many people live here. Theres only two of us, me and my twin. We ride another 40 miles and as the sun sets, arrive in the little town of Wood, South Dakota (pop. 73). The town is really a dozen or so houses arranged in a square near the intersection of two roads. There are no stores or commercial establishments. We meet some residents and ask about camping. A woman shows us the equivalent of the town commons and we set up our tent. Coincidentally, her niece and nephew are in school at Columbia University at the same graduate program I just completed. She later brings us fresh water as we are cooking Mac N Cheese over our propane stove. The mosquitoes are so bad that we eat inside our tent. This is our biggest day of ridingweve logged over 91 miles, and averaged 12 miles per hour. BEGIN: White River KOA, Interior, SDEND: Wood, SD DISTANCE: 91.75 milesTRIP TOTAL: 1,860.7 miles34'