b'Came down through a river valley, horses in the canyon, buttes rising beyond.A long strip of pavement running flat and endless to the horizon. A hand-painted sign readsCAUTION: AIRCRAFT LANDING.The road doubles as a landing strip!Day 30JUNE 27Up at dawn, we leave behind the mosquito cloud of Little Bighorn Campground. The road ahead is straighta gradual 44-mile uphill through the ranch lands and towns of Garryowen and Grass Lodge until reaching a crest at the border of Montana and Wyoming. We feel exhilarated with the accomplishment of reaching Wyoming and leaving Montanaa state we had entered two weeks and over 600 miles earlier. We had shivered through our first night in Montana, as the thermometer dropped to 33 degrees. Now the temperature was inching toward 90 each afternoon. We had biked past 15-foot walls of snow, through a hailstorm, and a heat wave. We had traveled across the snowy-forested Rocky Mountains, through the barren Missouri breaks, past grazing lands, and Indian Reservations. We had escaped from a bear, fed a deer, marveled at a majestic elk, crossed paths with a badger, encountered a roadblock of cattle, and ridden past fields of steer and roaming horses. We stop to take a quick pic with our handy pocket camera (the timer is a great feature) and ride another 30 miles to Sheridan (pop. 14,000), the peaks of the Bighorn Mountains at our backs. We come across the Kendrick Park in town and ask around for permission to camp. With no rebuttals, we set up our tent like its to be expected. The park has a wonderful pool with a water slide and a laundromat nearby. We take full advantage of both.BEGIN: Little Bighorn Campground, Crow Agency, MTEND: Kendrick Park, Sheridan, WY DISTANCE: 76.24 milesTRIP TOTAL: 1,457.4 miles25'