b'Day 10JUNE 7We climb gradually out of Tonasket to Wauconda and at the 57-mile mark summit Sherman Pass (elev. 5,575). This is our longest day of riding so far with 12 hours in the saddle. It is beginning to get dark as we reach the pass and begin a 26-mile descent, eventually arriving at the bridge over the Columbia River. In all, we cover 88 miles on this day. It begins to rain. In complete darkness we ride to the Kettle Falls campground. It is too late to check in and without access to a campsite we pitch a tent on a level spot just across from a timber mill, unaware that the mill operates 24 hours a day. The entire night we try unsuccessfully to ignore the sounds of diesel trucks, forklifts, and timber mill machinery. BEGIN: Tonasket, WAEND: Kettle Falls, WADISTANCE: 88 milesOur longest day in the saddle, we cover 88 miles over 12 hrs. We arrive at our campground in the dark. Its too late to check in, so we pitch our tent on level ground across from a timber mill.11'