Vanillamore Cookbook

Vanillamore Cookbook

About the Book

Whether you are an aspiring pastry chef or a beginner home cook, getting into the kitchen to explore flavor and technique has become a popular pastime now more than ever. Sweet. Savory. Social., written by award-winning restaurateur Chef Risa Magid Boyer, is a cookbook for dessert-lovers who also enjoy preparing healthy, seasonal savory food for family and friends.

Sweet. Savory. Social is divided into three sections: desserts, main entrees/appetizers and a guide to entertaining. The order of recipes are set up as building blocks from basic to more advanced.

“Whether you have never seen yourself as a skilled cook or you are known for hosting the most elaborate dinner parties, Sweet. Savory. Social offers readers streamlined recipes to help them easily recreate Vanillamore’s most popular dishes at home. The Vanillamore experience is about fostering great relationships and this cookbook cements that social spirit by giving people a chance to bring Vanillamore to their homes through this collection of recipes,” said Chef Risa Magid Boyer, Owner/Operator, Vanillamore.

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