The Making of a Storyteller

by | Jan 20, 2020

When I lost my father 19 years ago, all his stories went with him. His passing stirred in me the desire to be a mother, to add chapters to my own life.

I promised myself my child would know the special man that was his grandfather; that he would understand what it meant to be part of our family.

My passion for storytelling was born of years working in the live entertainment industry, producing Broadway shows and touring productions, and bringing larger than life stories to the stage. My job was exciting and afforded me the opportunity to be creative. Yet, I found myself craving more intimate, moving experiences.

I realized there were incredible stories all around me just waiting to be shared. Shortly after saying goodbye to my dad, I left the theater world and set out to help others preserve their legacies so that their personal histories would not be lost. Hence, A Life in Print was born. My mission is to help families articulate their uniqueness, their values and traditions, and likewise guide organizations wishing to share their principles and ideals with their audiences. I have a deep desire to connect generations through storytelling, whether the client wishes to print a handful of books for family and friends or reach a wider audience. Seeing the look on their faces when they first hold their completed book makes it all worthwhile.

It’s a privilege to empower people with the expertise and guidance they need to preserve the stories they want to tell. And it’s only possible because of the deep commitment, creativity and tremendous talent of my partners and colleagues.

One thing is certain. Each new legacy I help preserve brings more value to my own life.

To learn more about A Life in Print, listen to my interview with Tyler Wagner on The Authors Unite Show.