The Lamanna Cookbook

The Lamanna Cookbook

About the Book

The Lamanna Cookbook would not have been possible without the culinary skills of Richard’s mother and her three sisters that were fortunately captured in many handwritten recipes. His goal for this book was not to create new recipes or to modify existing ones, but to simply transcribe as faithfully as possible the handwritten recipes into a standard format.

This book celebrates the culinary skills of the four Lamanna sisters, Angie, Louise, Sue and Lucy,
and also commemorates the lives of their sister, Grace, and four brothers, Michael, Luigi, Raffaele and Michael-Anthony, who did not reach adulthood due to tragic accidents and illnesses for which vaccines and antibiotics had not yet been developed. Also cherished is the memory of their youngest brother, Charles (Carmelo), who lived nearly 95 fulfilling years. Stories of his adventures as a career U.S. Air Force pilot delighted and inspired his sisters, nieces and nephews.

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