About the Book

“I am so drawn to this place, more so than anywhere else I have traveled. It was hard to say goodbye and, like many of the faithful I encountered at the river, I may never physically return. My soul, however, made a permanent connection to these sacred waters. While I arrived as tourist, I left as a pilgrim.”
– Peter Herzog

On this journey, Peter traveled to India to photograph people who for centuries have lived their lives in a constant flow and crush of humanity, a people who often move as if in living streams with little distance between them. He meets and photographs families making their once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to the River Ganges, day laborers, barbers, sheepherders, beggars, the disabled, the holy men.

Whenever possible, he seeks to make deeper connections with the people he photographs. Ideally, he has conversations, learns their names, family history and other nuggets. He digs as deep as time will allow and watches for body language that communicates their level of comfort.

He was honored to have spent those fleeting moments, connecting with these men, women and children; the moments of their allowing him the privilege of photographing them.

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