About the Book

“I share a moment of connection with an old woman sitting in an ancient temple praying for my soul and I am certain I have witnessed a glimpse of enlightenment.”
– Peter Herzog

In his ongoing quest to document the power and beauty of this world, Peter travels through Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos.

On this journey, he meets locals who share their memories of wartime and of the ongoing impact of losing a quarter of your nation, approximately two million people just two generations ago. Their photographs are juxtaposed against those of the now youthful populace of Cambodia.

Peter captures the lush beauty of the countryside, the daily struggle against overwhelming poverty, and the wary expression in the eyes of children. In another moment, bright smiles emerge filled with curiosity, warmth and humor.

Witnessing daily life and religious practices performed in both lavish ceremonies and humble day-to-day action, what emerges as ever-present is deep spirituality, the Buddha, and the infusion of Buddhism across all aspects of life in this small corner of the Asian continent.

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