Dominic & Emilie’s Bike Trip

Dominic and Emilies Bike Trip

About the Book

Dominic is convinced many great moments, historical feats, and awesome adventures begin with a bet.

Dominic and Emilie had shared their plans to bike from Seattle to New York. Don thinks there is no way they ‘ll make it and is willing to bet that they can’t do it. That bet motivated them in the planning, but it also encouraged them to properly document the entire journey. As they moved across the country, they marked their route with a highlighter on each state map. When they crossed over to the next state, they mailed the map they’d just completed for safe keeping. Dominic kept a little spiral steno journal in his handlebar bag, and each night jotted the date, origin and end points and the distance traveled. That and plenty of postcards were sent to family and friends.

Months later, when the journey is complete, they receive all the maps and postcards sent, and place them in a cigar box with photos and negatives, stowing it away in a corner of their basement.

30 years later, this book was created to memorialize the tremendous journey they shared together.

“This is our adventure. This is our journey. It can never be taken away. Thank you, Emilie.” Dominic

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