Cora The Caterpillar

Cora the Catapillar

About the Book

Marion attended Cooper Union Art School in NYC on a full scholarship in the late 1930s. Once married, Marion continued doing artwork and writing light verse while traveling around with her military husband. After their two children were born, Marion wrote Cora The Caterpillar for their entertainment.

When her children grew up, she worked in advertising using her poetic and artistic talents in a variety of settings.

At the age of 98, a mother of two, grandmother of three, great-grandmother of nine and great-great grandmother of five it was time to share her book with her family and generations to come. A wonderful way to share your legacy.

More Children's Books

There are many ways to share your legacy. At A Life in Print, we’ve enjoyed working with clients to bring to life children’s stories that have been hidden away for decades. Created illustrations to support their storytelling, shared life experiences in verse and illustrations.

We’ve also helped clients who have chosen to publish and sell their work. Children’s stories that support a cause or teach children about art. Wherever you are in your work, we can provide the assist to bring your story to your chosen audience.