Charted Waters

Charted Waters

About the Book

An innovative method of sealing copper electrical wires within a vacuum tube became the foundation of a family business that employed thousands of individuals worldwide. The author draws upon written accounts by his father to detail the company’s early beginnings, its contribution to World War II, and its vast manufacturing reach. An entrepreneur at heart, the author founded a number of businesses, became a Naval architect, a professionally licensed pilot, and navigated by boat the myriad of locks and waterways in the United States and the Caribbean.

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We’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with many families over the years to produce beautiful custom books. Most of our memoirs and family histories are privately published for family and friends, to ensure these valuable histories are preserved for generations. Some of our clients have used their personal histories to garner support or increase awareness of a broader audience.

Whether you are sharing your own story or passing on the stories and family histories that were entrusted to you, a beautiful coffee table book is a perfect keepsake or gift.