Born Under a Lucky Star

Born Under a Lucky Star

About the Book

Born Under a Lucky Star reaches back to the lives of ancestors in Germany in the years running up to World War II, and tells the story of a family’s escape from Nazi Germany to a new life in America. It’s a first-person account of first-generation resourcefulness and achievement with an emphasis on all the people who touched his life in positive ways. From his grandmother’s harrowing experience on Kristallnacht and his father’s escape from Dachau, to the skyscrapers of Wall Street in the 1960s and the lake country of Tennessee today, the book weaves together stories and memories from across generations. As a professional wealth manager his entire life, he knows the value of safeguarding one’s financial assets; this book is a testament to the value of preserving one of our most precious intangible assets, the story of who we are and where we come from.

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We’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with many families over the years to produce beautiful custom books. Most of our memoirs and family histories are privately published for family and friends, to ensure these valuable histories are preserved for generations. Some of our clients have used their personal histories to garner support or increase awareness of a broader audience.

Whether you are sharing your own story or passing on the stories and family histories that were entrusted to you, a beautiful coffee table book is a perfect keepsake or gift.