A Catalogue of Blessings

Catalogue of Blessings

About the Book

A Catalogue of Blessings is a loving tribute to RG. Filled with excerpts from her journals and family photos, the story reaches back to the Pale of Russia, which her great grandparents fled for freedom and opportunity in Canada. Blessings captures the extraordinary reach this “professional volunteer” had – from the Jewish world to the wider Montreal community – through her tireless work for international organizations, libraries, museums, hospitals, and universities. This beautiful book expresses the deep love she had for her family and the joy with which she approached her life and work. It is an inspiration for all who seek to make their lives richer through Tikkun Olum.

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We’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with many families over the years to produce beautiful custom books. Most of our memoirs and family histories are privately published for family and friends, to ensure these valuable histories are preserved for generations. Some of our clients have used their personal histories to garner support or increase awareness of a broader audience.

Whether you are sharing your own story or passing on the stories and family histories that were entrusted to you, a beautiful coffee table book is a perfect keepsake or gift.