Tribute & Memorial Books

Honored to work on book projects that celebrate the life of departed loved ones, we prepare books that capture the spirit of an individual. We provide family and friends the opportunity to share thoughts, feelings and precious memories with one other, to recollect and remember, more intimately, the life of a loved one.

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Tribute 1

Tribute 2

The story of Jacob’s life, as described by his sons Rufus and Karl, is both humorous and tragic. He was a man of many contradictions, curiosities and psychological deficits that ultimately rendered him unable to fully function as an adult. We took Rufus and Karl’s writing and helped restore their collection of photos and designed this beautiful and touching tribute book.
Tribute 3

Tribute 4

Tribute 5

Berkley reached out to us when her brother-in-law passed away. There was such an outpouring of response from family, friends and colleagues that she wanted to preserve these memories in a book. We pulled hundreds of notes, stories and messages of love and support from Donnie’s Facebook page and included them, along with tributes, poems, quotes and photos to create this very special keepsake.