Mind of Monto
The Art of John Monto

Publisher: A Life in Print
Language: English
Dimensions: 11 x 8.5
ISBN: 978-0-9989750-2-3
Available: Valentine’s Day, 2018
Cost: $50.00

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Friends and family can pre-order Mind of Monto at a special rate of $40.00, with an additional 10% off for pre-orders of 3 or more books.

Enter the mind of Monto, a compilation of John Monto’s art and select short stories. And here’s why:

10. Have you ever not bought cookies from a girl scout who came to your door? At least I didn’t come to your house.

9. Your bird will love reading the stories on the bottom of its cage.

8. Think of the bonding conversations you’ll have while trying to explain “AHEAD OF HIS TIME” to your young child, who actually opened the book and read something.

7. It’s the perfect size for rolling the seeds out of your weed.

6. If you HAVE to throw something.

5. A handsome coffee table book for your double-wide.

4. If you don’t buy it, and you run into me at the drugstore? Awkward.

3. What else are you gonna do with the money? Buy food for your kids?

2. I’d hate for anything to happen to your dog.

1. “Buy my book already”. Or you will definitely get a call from my wife and you’ll end up buying three.