researchOften the telling of an individual or family history finds gaps or incongruities in memories and materials. Our team can conduct further research of your genealogy to help make the most thorough telling of your story.

Using secondary materials and public records, we’re able to fill any blanks your own research may have encountered. We also research and design family trees, as well as maps, which might delineate a family’s migration, or geographic ancestral origins.

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Our research often uncovers fascinating new family details, as was the case for our client Michael, and his parents Olga and Emeric

Olga & Emeric
Both of Michael’s parents were survivors of the Holocaust, each with their own unique and individual story. Prior to his mother passing, Michael interviewed her and wrote out her story. He came to us for help editing it and making photo selections and in the process realized that he must also tell his father’s story.

Since his father had already passed, he was unable to interview him. Michael pulled from the few stories that his father shared, and then we discovered the interviews his father had done through the Shoah Foundation. Not only did Michael learn more of his father’s story, but now he has both his parent’s important legacies, lovingly put together in one book to share with generations to come.