Organize and Digitize

Our clients come to us, overwhelmed by the thought of organizing the many photographs, scrapbooks, clippings, and other treasured memorabilia accumulated from past generations and from their own rich lifetimes. We bring order to your project, no matter what stage you find yourself.

We gather all of the resources that help us tell your story – family albums, diaries, documents, clippings. We digitize everything, and then we devise a framework for organization. We create a digital databank, and begin to lay out your story.

One client commented that her hope was that ‘the pictures of the times, the places, and the people of the past would shed if only a little light on my family’s ever-evolving present.’

Charmed Lives
We designed and managed the many photos and assets to be included in the life stories of our clients. They wanted to share their story and history with their children, family and friends. We were able to help them organize photos, stories and memorabilia detailing the many facets of their lives;, which included their careers, homes, boats, children, travels, and, ultimately, their retirement.

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