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Nesting Diaries documents, for the first time, the extremely rare phenomenon of two bald eagles successfully raising and fledging four young from a nest along the Delaware River in PA. Observations were recorded over a period of fourteen weeks; from the first sighting of the four chicks through several weeks after they fledged. Written in the style of a naturalist’s field notes and with beautiful photographs throughout, John and Yoke DiGiorgio quickly connect you to the commitment and caring tenacity of these remarkable birds.

“Nesting Diaries is part saga, part visual tribute and part treasure trove of information about our National Bird. Savor this book and you will discover, as I did, that John and Yoke DiGiorgio’s chronicle is the next best thing to engaging these splendid birds of prey in person.” —Pete Dunne, Chief Communications Officer, New Jersey Audubon

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Amanda spent a college semester studying abroad in Kenya at the Center for Wildlife Management Studies. Recognizing that this trip would be a highlight of her life, she wanted our help designing a book that would serve to share her journey with friends and family. The book ultimately became her senior thesis.