Memoirs & Family Histories

We’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with many families over the years to produce beautiful custom books. Most of our memoirs and family histories are privately published for family and friends, to ensure these valuable histories are preserved for generations. Some of our clients have used their personal histories to garner support or increase awareness of a broader audience.

Whether you are sharing your own story or passing on the stories and family histories that were entrusted to you, a beautiful coffee table book is a perfect keepsake or gift.

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This is the story of one woman’s great belief in the enabling power of education.

Grace’s son set up an educational trust in her name. Her legacy and the values she shared with him regarding education were translated into the mission of the trust. John wanted to share this legacy of his mother, so that his family and future generations would understand the purpose of the trust, how it came into being, and his mother’s values.

To bring this book to life, we worked with John’s personal historian and writer, along with his genealogist. We created the design for the book and sorted through hundreds of photos to select those that helped the narrative come alive.

This book will be shared for generations to come and will provide the opportunity for the trust recipients to learn about Grace’s enthusiasm, caring and commitment to family and her life of integrity and use it in their own growth.

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In an attempt to bring her family’s history to life, Steena heard the message that comes out of old scrap books, boxes, bags and drawers that brought forth her book: Don’t throw it out! The photos and papers in this book were moved over and over, houses emptied, but someone in the family saved what seemed valuable. Her book is intended just for her family, in the hope that the pictures of the times, the places, and the people of her past, can shed a little light on her family’s ever-evolving present.

This was a wonderful project to work on – sifting through all of her incredible material; photos, genealogy, maps, newspaper clippings and stories. We designed her family tree and set out to create sections for each branch of her family tree, telling the stories using all her wonderful material. We worked to hold true to the scrapbook pages passed down through the generations and designed a coffee table book that will be shared for generations to come.

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Charles’s father, William, was killed in WWII in November of 1944. William never held his son and Charles never knew his father. His mother remarried and Charles’s only connection to his father was through his grandparents and the footlocker they kept full of Williams’s memories.

It wasn’t until his son was born that Charles felt the need to research his father’s legacy and pass on the family history to his own son and family. Charles’s research took him to his father’s burial site in Margraten, Netherlands and the family that adopted and has cared for his father’s grave since 1945, passing on the commitment from generation to generation. From there, Charles was able to piece together his father’s life and service to his country and ultimately travelled to the Netherlands.

We took his story and photos and designed the book and cover so that the reader can share in the journey.

Charles has shared the book with his family and adopted family in the Netherlands to much heartfelt appreciation.