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Your story has been told, your work has been written, but how to put it into circulation?

A Life in Print offers all of the tools you need to take your manuscript from the page to a published, bound book, ready for circulation.

We guide you through the process of copywriting your book and obtaining an ISBN, bar code, and registering your book with the Library of Congress. We then review and determine distribution and sales options and make recommendations for finding a professional who will help you take your book to market.

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Debbie came to us with her manuscript of a delightful story for kids. We edited her work, worked with her illustrator, and produced an oversized, beautiful children’s book. Referred to as a ‘primer’ for children learning about modern and contemporary art, this delightful book is sold at fine bookstores around the country.

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Ind Pub 3

This collection of presentation pointers by a noted speaking coach and motivational speaker are short, pithy bits of instruction on what to do or not to do when speaking to a group. The books are distributed to clients and used at conferences and other engagements.

Ind Pub 4

We were thrilled when our client released her first novel, Fare Forward, which is available on Amazon, B&N and at independent book stores. Wendy came to us with her story, which was edited and ready for print. We helped her design the book, choose a printer, and make her dream a reality.