At A Life in Print, we love to whip up a good cookbook. We have published print and digital cookbooks for professional chefs, home cooks and even one of the country’s leading specialty grocers.

  • Create a book highlighting your restaurant’s most popular dishes as a way of further establishing your brand.
  • Record and preserve treasured recipes which are part of your family story with a “Cookbook Memoir.”
  • Tell your business story with a handsome cookbook. If you can dream it, we can create it.

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A personal history could be told through words or pictures, or a combination of the two. But when that person has a passion for cooking, his or her story could alternatively be told through a collection of recipes.

The Samba Montclair Cookbook: Authentic Home-style Brazilian Recipes and Reminiscences, by Ilson Goncalves, features recipes from the author’s native Brazil which have become favorites at his restaurant in Montclair, New Jersey.

Through these recipes, Chef Goncalves is transported to his childhood, when he learned to cook watching his mother in their home kitchen and at her popular restaurant in the city of Blumenau. There are dishes his mom and grandmothers would serve at large family gatherings, as well as meals that were staples of their diets. These women taught him not only how to cook, but how to appreciate the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables growing right in his back yard.

Before beginning the book project, these recipes had not been written down. Working with A Life in Print, they have been translated and adapted for home cooks, as well as illustrated with stunning photographs. The nearly 100-page volume tells the story of Goncalves’ evolution as a chef, his arrival in the United States with just a few dollars in his pocket, and his continuing commitment to creating fresh and healthful food. Throughout the recipe pages, he shares tips for making the perfect rice, the secret ingredient in his caramel flan and more.


Kings Food Markets, “Where Inspiration Strikes,” commemorated their 80th anniversary, naturally, with a cookbook. We worked closely with their marketing team to create a special piece which was distributed digitally to their vast food-loving clientele. Kings 80th Anniversary Cookbook is a keeper! It includes delicious recipes (tested by our own executive chef, Peter Gwilliam), nutrition tips, a decade-by-decade look at the company’s history and highlights of the ever-changing culinary tastes and needs of America’s home cooks (written by Teresa Akersten). Are you feeling inspired? 
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Martha celebrated her 50th birthday by inviting friends and family to share their favorite recipes. She then curated these recipes into a mouth-watering book that includes shared memories and family anecdotes.